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Since 1956, Allen’s PharmaServ has provided medical solutions to healthcare professionals. We are a full-service, specialty pharmacy where the emphasis is on SERVICE. Whether curing a short-term ailment or treating a chronic medical condition, we provide a "personal touch" that chain stores pharmacies and mail order houses cannot match. Since we only provide professional pharmacy services, our focus is centered on our patients’ health and well-being, not maintaining a retail store.

Allen’s PharmaServ carries a complete line of medications as well as hard-to-find pharmaceuticals and offers customized compounding services – ALL COMPETITIVELY PRICED.

Our team draws upon an extensive knowledge base to provide tried and true remedies. We are available to answer questions about the medications, their applications or to address any concerns related to prescribed medications.

  • Prescription services at competitive prices
  • Compounding for customized medications
  • Pharmacist consulting services for patients’ special needs
  • Delivery options suited to each customer

We honor most insurance programs.


Call us Toll Free at: 1.877.733.6420 or 330.744.0707

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