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Institutional Services

Allen's PharmaServ Group Homes

Group Home


For more than five decades, Allen’s PharmaServe has been providing group homes the most progressive integrated pharmacy services available. We offer our clients customized pharmacy services to meet their diverse needs, and and would love to be part of your team.

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Group Homes

Allen's PharmaServ  Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Allen’s PharmaServ is proud to be part of a team that supports medication services to assisted living facilities. We draw on our years of experience to assist both the clients and staff and we are 100% committed to exceeding industry standards.

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Assisted Living

Allen's PharmaServ Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Our experienced team members provide unmatched knowledge, care, and service to help optimize the facility-pharmacy relationship and communication. This allows our clients to focus more time and attention on those they serve.

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Nursing Homes

Allen's PharmaServ Hospice Settings

Hospice Settings

Our extensive expertise and care of the needs of critically ill patients, has allowed us to become a true partner for facilities with patients needing palliative care. Allen's PharmaServ will give your staff and families true peace of mind.

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Hospice Care

Allen's PharmaServ Psychiatric Patients

Psychiatric Patients

The role of the pharmacist in psychiatric settings has changed to a more direct role. In recognizing and adapting to these changes we can reduce medication costs, medication overuse, and drug-related adverse events.

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Psychiatric Medicine

Since 1956, Allen’s PharmaServ has provided medical solutions to healthcare professionals. We are a full-service, specialty pharmacy where the emphasis is on SERVICE. Whether curing a short-term ailment or treating a chronic medical condition, we provide a "personal touch" that chain stores pharmacies and mail order houses cannot match.

Group homes, assisted living, nursing homes, hospice settings,  and caregivers of psychiatric patients can all benefit from establishing a relationship with Allen’s PharmaServ.

Since we only provide professional pharmacy services, our focus is centered on our patients’ health and well-being , not maintaining a retail store. As a specialist in “Senior Care, Long-Term Care and Specialty Pharmacy Services,” Allen’s PharmaServ is committed to creating a team approach to our institutional clients.

As part of your team we can help you identify and resolve drug therapy issues. This team typically consists of your independent consultant pharmacist, your medical director, your nursing director, and our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  In addition, we regularly share best practice approaches between the facilities we service and maintain effective communication, creativity and consistent performance in servicing the facilities.

Allen’s PharmaServ carries a complete line of medications as well as hard-to-find pharmaceuticals and offers customized compounding services – ALL COMPETITIVELY PRICED.

Our team draws upon an extensive knowledge base to provide tried and true remedies. We are available to answer questions about the medications, their applications or to address any concerns related to prescribed medications.


  • Locally-owned and operated for over 50 years
  • Prescription services at competitive prices
  • Pharmacist consulting services for patients’ special needs



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