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Allen's PharmaServ Story

Serving Northeast Ohio & surrounding communities since 1956

Rick and Alan worked for a chain of 7 drugstores in Youngstown, Ohio. Alan as CFO and Rick as Director of Pharmacy. It was during their 20 plus years of experience in retail that they learned some valuable lessons.

The first was that customer services is the key to successful retailing. Price is important, and location is critical, but service is IT Creating a satisfying shopping experience for the customer will lead to success.

The second lesson they learned was that retail was difficult and competition was fierce. Margins were shrinking daily. Making a profit was becoming more and more difficult. Worse that that, finding quality employees was nearly impossible.

In 1998 the chain they worked for was purchased by one of the drugstore giants. So, putting the lessons they learned to use, Rick and Alan created Allen’s PharmaServ, an institutional pharmacy. Customer service was theme that they would introduce into the institutional market. They knew that even though institutional was not retail, the customer still need a quality experience. But who was the customer? They discovered that it wasn’t always the end user. It was the nurses, the caregivers, and the administrators.

Rick and Alan recruited the best and brightest people they had worked with in their previous lives to come aboard. These people were the adept at anticipating and fulfilling customer needs. With this group of quality professionals at its core, and service as its theme, Allen’ PharmaServ thrived.

Our Team

Alan Merkin, President of Allan's PharmaServ

Alan, President at Allan's PharmaServ


Rick, Dircetor of Pharmacy at Allan's PharmaServ

Rick, Director of Pharmacy


Bob at Allan's PharmaServ


Marybeth at Allan's PharmaServ


Our Mission

Since 1956, the professionals at Allen’s PharmaServ have been working with physicians and patients in Northeastern Ohio and throughout the country to provide state-of-the-art medical solutions.

We understand all aspects of drug therapy, we must stay current with all evolutions of medications and their effects on patients. For us, the needs of our patients and physicians always receive top priority. We enjoy the challenge of thinking out of the box to solve medication problems. We strive for innovative and personalized solutions. We listen to what our colleagues, our customers and their families say. We guarantee100% satisfaction on all our services.

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